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How do I use the cat command to display the line numbers for a file called myapp.c under Linux or Unix like operating systems?

You can use the cat command concatenate files and show on the screen under Linux or Unix like operating systems.
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The cat command also number all output lines starting with number one with the following syntax:

cat -n fileNameHere


cat --number foo.c

The -b / --number-nonblank option number all nonempty output lines, starting with one and the syntax is:

cat -b fileNameHere


cat --number--nonblank filename

Finally, you suppress or remove repeated empty output lines with the -s / --squeeze-blank option:
cat -s -n fileNameHere


cat --squeeze-blank -n filename

Say hello to nl command

Use the nl command number lines of files under Linux or Unix oses. The syntax is:

l filename


Create a text file called hello.c as follows:

/* Purpose: Sample see program to print Hello world on stdout
 * Author: nixCraft
 * Copyright: None / Copyleft
/* our main */
int main(void){
	printf("Hello world\n");
	return 0;

Use the cat or nl command to display line numbers:

cat -n hello.c
nl hello.c

Sample outputs:

Fig.01: Displaying line numbers for hello.c using the cat and nl command.

Fig.01: Displaying line numbers for hello.c using the cat and nl command.

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1 Manish June 27, 2014 at 8:56 am

Hi Thanks for sharing … Its of great help …
And I m a great fan of your … because I found 90% of what i think on cyberciti.

Just a little correction here in this post ..
“cat –number–nonblank filename ”
is giving error
cat: unrecognized option ‘–number–nonblank’
Try ‘cat –help’ for more information.

Just make it
“cat –number-nonblank filename”
a single hyphen – after number


2 tahi September 2, 2014 at 5:04 am

Thank you!

But we had a trouble. “cat” command does not stop display when the text is full screen.
So, we have any other option to resolve this in-convenience.



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