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Tutorials, tips and howtos about AIX (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) – a proprietary Unix operating systems developed by IBM (based on UNIX System V with 4.3BSD).

How do I check swap space usage (paging) under IBM AIX Unix operating system using command line options?


How do I setup jumbo frames under IBM AIX operating systems using command line tools?


How do I read a file line by line using KSH shell scripting under UNIX like operating systems?


All my local Linux user accounts will be able to log in to my Samba server and access share. How do I restrict access to particular users or network subnet such as


I‘m not told to use the root user to perform activities that do not require it. I’ve configured sudo for myself and for other web developers so that they can restart MySQL or Apache web server. How do I send email when sudo run by one of my user? How do I keep track of user login done via sudo command?


I am on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.x server. Is there is an easy way to run script or command at boot time after fresh reboot command?


My CentOS Apache 2 (httpd) webserver will not start. It was working fine, but I made few changes to httpd.conf and it is not restarting. What are some things to check in order to solve my Apache server restart issues?

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