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FreeBSD Install DJBDNS Server

I‘m trying to get data (AXFR query) from master tinydns server to secondary DNS server using tcpclient as follows:
tcpclient -v a.ns.example.com 53 axfr-get example.com example.com example.com.tmp

But I’m getting an error which read as follows:

>axfr-get: fatal: unable to parse AXFR results: protocol error

How do I fix this problem?
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FreeBSD DJBDNS: Create Secondary TinyDNS Server

How do I add additional domains names such as cyberciti.com and nixcraft.com to my existing tinydns servers ns1.nixcraft.in and ns2.nixcraft.in?
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FreeBSD DJBDNS: Tinydns Create a Zone File For Domain

How do I create a zone file for my domain under tinydns server?
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FreeBSD Configure DJBDNS TinyDNS Server

How do I configure tinydns a database-driven dns server under FreeBSD operating systems?
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FreeBSD tinydns: Sets Up a DNS Publication / Authoritative Name Server

How do I setup primary dns name server using tinydns under FreeBSD operating systems?
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