FTP servers

Q. How do I force VSFTPD ftp server to limit the number of simultaneous vsftpd connections from the same IP address under Debian Linux? A. By default VSFTPD allows unlimited connection from the same client IP address. You can easily force vsftpd ftp server to use limited number of connection. There is a special directive […]

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Q. How do I install Ubuntu ftp service or server? A. Ubuntu Linux comes with various ftp servers to setup FTP service such as: => proftpd – Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon => vsftpd – The Very Secure FTP Daemon => ftpd – FTP server => wu-ftpd – powerful and widely used FTP server => wzdftpd […]


Because of security issues I would like to change the vsftpd server tcp port # 21. How do I configure vsftpd to use another port instead of the default TCP port 21? How to change vsftpd ftp port number in Linux or Unix?


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