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Here you will find information about Linux and Unix hardware such as Servers, Laptops, Workstations and Routers. Tutorials includes getting hardware information, troubleshooting hardware issues, configuration and installation of various hardware devices on the system ( rss/feed )

How do I Install Slackware Linux version 13.13 using a bootable USB stick under Unix or Linux operating systems?

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How do I find out my CPU architecture information under Linux operating systems?


How do I determine the manufacturer of a PCI device under Linux operating systems?

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How do I check the ram size from my Redhat Linux desktop system using command line and GUI tools? How do I find out memory size on Red Hat Enterprise Linux server?


Is there a limit to how many drives you can have in one RAID-5? What is the maximum number of physical drives recommended in a RAID-5 set?


How do I find out Wireless driver chipset information under a Linux operating system? How do I get wireless card chipeset information without opening my systems or laptop using a Linux?


I‘ve Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad and it is not working whenever I connect to my HP laptop. How do I use this keyboard under Debian or any Linux distribution?

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