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KSH HowTos & Tutorials

Learning the Korn Shell on Linux, OS X, and Unix like operating systems. Topic includes shell script programming, tips, customization, hacks and much more ( rss feed ).

Linux: Start Command In Background

I am a new Linux command line user. How do I start or run command in the background so that I can access command prompt immediately?
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Linux / Unix: jobs Command Examples

jobs command

I am new Linux and Unix user. How do I show the active jobs on Linux or Unix-like systems using BASH/KSH/TCSH or POSIX based shell? How can I display status of jobs in the current session on Unix/Linux?
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Linux / Unix: time Command Examples

time command

I am new Linux and Unix systems user. How do I display the time of the execution of a command/script on Linux or Unix-like operating systems using shell prompt?
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I am new Linux and Unix-like system user who recently switched from MS-Windows XP. How do I save the output of a Linux / Unix ls command to a file named "lists.txt" using command prompt or POSIX shell such as SH/KSH/BASH?
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Unix/ Linux: Print Environment Variables Command

I am a new shell user. How do I print or list environment variables on Linux and Unix-like operating system using shell prompt? In Linix and Unix, how can I print values of all my environment variables?
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which command

I am a new Linux and Unix-like system user. How do I find out gcc compiler path on Linux? How can I locate a program file in path on Linux or Unix-like systems?
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Linux / Unix: disown Command Examples

disown command

I am a new Linux and Unix shell user. How do I Remove or delete jobs from current bash / ksh or POSIX based shell?
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