Q. Where can I download Plesk type themes for webmin Web hosting control panel? A. Webmin is a system configuration tool for Unix-like systems. It has a web-based interface (GUI) desktop environment independent, for configuring some of the internals of the operating system. Webmin is largely based on Perl, and is running as its own […]

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Q. How to find out more information about MySQL server status? A. The MySQL server maintains many status variables that provide information about its operation. You can see upto date variables lists and explanation of its usages online. For example you can connect to MySQL server and execute SHOW STATUS $ mysql -u vivek -p […]


Q. How do I access my MySQL database server using Perl programming language?


Quick question – What command I need to type to list all installed Perl modules on my Linux / UNIX system?


How do I find out Perl version by running a cgi script from a webbrowser? How do I find out perl version from a command prompt under Windows or Linux / UNIX operating systems?