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Users & Groups Management HowTos

Learn all about users and groups on Linux and Unix like operating systems. Topic include user & group creations, permissions & ownership, access control, ACL, and more ( rss feed ).

FreeBSD Add a User To Wheel Group Command

How do I add a user to the wheel group in FreeBSD unix operating systems using command line options?
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I'm setting up a new FreeBSD server. I do not want to use a default root user who has full system access. How can I setup and grant sudo privileges to users on a FreeBSD VPS or server?
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Linux: Hide Processes From Other Users

I run a multi-user system. Most users access resources using ssh client. How can I stop leaking process information to all users on Linux operating systems? How do I prevent users from seeing processes that do not belong to them on a Debian/Ubuntu/RHEL/CentOS Linux server?
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I am a new Unix system admin. How do I find ouw who has recently use the Linux or Unix-like server? Which terminals they used, and when they logged in and out of the my server?
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Linux: Log Everyone Out Of The System

I can login as root user on Debian or Ubuntu/RHEL/CentOS Linux based system. I need to log everyone off (all ssh users) to install new kernel and/or hardware. How do I do this on Linux? What is the best way to logout ALL USERS remotely over the ssh based session in Linux like operating systems?
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Linux lid Command Examples

lid command

I am a new Linux and Unix system user. How do I list the user's groups or group's users on Linux operating systems? How can I show list of users belonging to a given group on Linux based server?
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Linux: members Command Examples

members command

I am a new Linux and Unix system user. How do I list the members of a group on Linux or Unix-like systems?
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