Linux: HowTo Identify Server ECC Memory Modules

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How do I identify Linux server ECC memory modules from a shell prompt?

You need to count the chips on the module. If memory module has 9 chips per sides, it is ECC memory (EDAC protected memory). It may or may not be registered. If the memory module has 8 chips per side, it is not ECC memory modules.

You can get this information by visiting your BIOS setup menu. Another option is to use dmidecode command to dump bios memory information from a shell prompt:
# dmidecode --type 16

# dmidecode 2.11
SMBIOS 2.5 present.
Handle 0x0016, DMI type 16, 15 bytes
Physical Memory Array
	Location: System Board Or Motherboard
	Use: System Memory
	Error Correction Type: Single-bit ECC
	Maximum Capacity: 64 GB
	Error Information Handle: Not Provided
	Number Of Devices: 8

To see memory speed and other information, enter:
# dmidecode --type memory

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1 Thomas March 28, 2008 at 8:50 am

You can run the command dmidecode (e.g. to be found in package kernel-utils on RedHat based distibutions), and it will give you a bunch of BIOS related information including your installed memory.


2 bahur June 1, 2012 at 4:24 am

Have you ever tried it? :D

Handle 0x0013, DMI type 17, 27 bytes
Memory Device
Array Handle: 0x0012
Error Information Handle: No Error
Total Width: 40968 bits
Data Width: 41024 bits
Size: 1024 MB
Form Factor: DIMM
Set: 1
Locator: J6G1
Bank Locator: DIMM 0
Type: DDR2
Type Detail: Synchronous
Speed: 800 MHz
Manufacturer: Kingston
Serial Number: 690CFA80
Asset Tag: 0000072D
Part Number: 4B544331472D5544494D4D00000000000000

Could you please show me which is the chip-count here? :)


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