How do I upgrade the kernel in Linux without compiling from source code?

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Q. How do I upgrade of the kernel in Linux without compiling from source code? I find it difficult it - compiling kernel and selecting all those options.
A. You can use packaged kernel i.e. binary package to upgrade kernel. It will not just save your time but it modifies the boot-loader configuration file to include the new kernel.

For example if you are using Debian Linux, use apt-get command to upgrade kernel. If you are on Red Hat Enterprise Linux then use up2date or rpm command.

If you got rpm kernel package (Suse/Red Hat Linux):# rpm -ivh kernel-*If you are using Debian Linux, try command:# apt-get install linux-image-2.6.15-1-686Tip you can find out list of available Linux kernel using following command:# apt-cache search kernel-image | lessIf you are using Red Hat enterprise linux (RHEL), use command:# up2date -f kernel kernel-smp kernel-source

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