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Freebsd: Install wget Utility To Download Files From The Internet

How do I install wget the non-interactive network downloader under FreeBSD operating systems? How do I install wget on FreeBSD 8.x?

You can use any one of the following method to install GNU Wget non-interactive program. It is used to download of files from the Internet. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP protocols, as well as retrieval through HTTP proxies with password/username support.

Method # 1: Install wget Using pkg_add (Binary method) Command

Type the following command as root user:
# pkg_add -r -v wget
# rehash

Method # 2: Install wget Using FreeBSD Ports Collection

Type the following command as root user to upgrade ports tree, enter:
# portsnap fetch update
Now, install the wget, enter:
# cd /usr/ports/ftp/wget
# make install clean
# rehash

How Do I Use wget command?

You can use the wget command as follows:
$ wget http://example.com/file.pdf
$ wget ftp://ftp.example.com/dir/foo.tbz
$ wget ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/ports/amd64/packages-8.0-release/All/qt4-doc-4.5.2.tbz

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  • Sahil Sehgal March 20, 2014, 10:00 am

    Thank buddy, that was helpful. I was struggling with FreeBSD very first time

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