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Restore a backup of a MySQL Database Server

Q. How can I restore a backup of a MySQL database server made with mysqldump program discussed here?

A. You can use standard mysql – the MySQL command-line tool to restore a backup of a MySQL database server.

Read back dump file

You can read the dump file back into the server like this:
mysql db-name < backup-file.sql To restore database called sales, first create the database sales: $ mysql -u root -p
Now create database called sales using SQL statement:

mysql> CREATE DATABASE sales;
mysql> quit;

Now restore database, enter:
$ mysql -u root -p sales < /path/to/sales-backup-file.sql

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  • Ben November 12, 2007, 4:04 am

    mysql> quite;
    should be:
    mysql> quit; (without the e)

  • nixCraft November 12, 2007, 5:55 am

    thanks for the heads up.

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