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Linux / Unix: Sed Delete Matching Words In A File

I have a file called rsnapshot.conf. It has the words "ssh_args=-p 1222". How do I match and remove (delete) the words "ssh_args=-p 1222" from config file using sed command under Linux or Unix like operating systems?

You can use the the substitute sed command changes all occurrences of the "ssh_args=-p 1222". The same command can be used to delete the required words.
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Sed command syntax to remove words

The syntax is:

sed 's/word-to-find//g' input.file > output.file

Gnu/sed syntax:
sed -i 's/word-to-find//g' input.file


Type the following command

sed  -i 's/ssh_args=-p 1222//g' input.file
sed  -i 's/ssh_args=-p 1222//g' /etc/rsnapshot.conf
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