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BIND DNS: Disable Dynamic Updates

BIND9 dynamic updates allow remote servers to add, delete, or modify any entries in my zone file. How do I disable dynamic updates under BIND 9 (named) for any zone?

Dynamic updates can be risky, and disabling them is recommended. Another solution is to limit dynamic updates using ACLs and TSIG keys.

Linux / UNIX named Disable Dynamic Updates

Edit named.conf, run:
# vi named.conf
For each domain zone, set allow-update to none:

zone "cyberciti.com" IN {
  allow-update { none; };
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  • Tony December 23, 2009, 4:31 pm

    The default mode for ‘allow-update’ is ‘none’ in Bind 9.

    You should have no need to disable this in a per domain basis.


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