Linux: NFS4 mount Error reason given by server: No such file or directory

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I recently installed NFS server v4 on my HP Linux server. However, I'm not able to mount it from Linux nfs4 client using the following command:

mount.nfs4 server2:/data /data

I'm getting the following error:

mount.nfs4: mounting server2:/data failed, reason given by server:
No such file or directory

How do I fix this problem?

First, make sure fsid is set to 0 on server2 using /etc/exports file:


Make sure you reload the NFSv4 server after making changes to the /etc/exports file.

NFSv4 Client Mount

The command syntax is as follows:

mount.nfs4 server2:/ /data


mount -t nfs4 server2:/ /data

Please do not specify the server path /data for NFSv4. You need to specify only / as fsid is set to 0.

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