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HowTo: Save File in Vi / Vim Text Editor

I‘m new to Linux or UNIX like operating system. I just wanted to create a file called demo.txt and save & close it using vi text editor. How do I save a file using vi?

The vi or vim is a text editor which has three modes: command mode, input mode, and ex mode. To create a new file open a terminal and then type:
$ vi demo.txt
vi / vim always begins in command mode. You can press [Esc] key anytime to return to command mode. Press i to insert text. To save and exit from vi / vim, press [Esc] key and type ZZ:
To see list of your saved file, enter:
$ ls
$ cat demo.txt

vi ex Mode File Saving Commands

To get into the ex mode, press [Esc] key and then : (the colon). For example, to exit from vi saving changes, press [Esc], : (colon) and type wq:

Fig.01: vi / vim write and quit command in action

Fig.01: vi / vim write and quit command in action

You can also quit, discard all changes by pressing [Esc], : (colon) and q!.

Common Vi / Vim File Savings Related Commands (ex mode)

You need to press [Esc] key followed by the colon (:) before typing the following commands:

q Quit
q! Quit without saving changes i.e. discard changes
r fileName Read data from file called fileName
wq Write and quit (save and exit)
w fileName Write to file called fileName (save as)
w! fileName Overwrite to file called fileName (save as forcefully)

See Vi editor command keys wiki page for more information.

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    VIM is a very gibberish text editor. You open a file and change many things, then you try to save and exit. But you see all the changes you have made have gone.

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  • Dylan October 1, 2014, 9:00 pm

    I get the following when I do that:
    E492: Not an editor command: zz

    • nathan November 4, 2015, 4:14 pm

      The Zs are capital, not lowercase. You typed zz, you should have typed ZZ

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    How to just save file without closing it

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