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How do I send a header to my Web server (such as Nginx / Lighttpd / Apache / ISS) on a Apple OS X or Unix or Linux based system using a curl command line option for testing and debugging my web apps or server nodes behind a load balancer?


Our customer support wiki runs on an internal host (ip:, hostname a-node100.:300) and it is behind the nginx reverse proxy server. However, our Apache server end up displaying internal server name http://a-node100.:300/, which results into an unexpected redirection and timeouts as http://a-node100.:300/ is not accessible over the Internet. How do I force nginx or apache to use the base URL of our server (http://support.example.com/wiki/)?

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How do I start / stop or restart Apache web sever via SSH (secure shell) under Linux or UNIX operating systems?


How do I start / stop / restart the Apache server under Fedora Linux using command line options?


How do I find out my apache username under Linux operating system or CentOS Linux server?

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How do I restart Apache web server under UNIX operating systems using command line or over the ssh session?


How can I restart Apache web server under FreeBSD operating systems?