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Q. How do I monitor my Bind 9 named (or any other dns server) server traffic / network traffic under Linux? How do I find out and view current DNS queries such as A, MX, PTR and so on in real time? How do I find out who is querying my DNS server or specific domain or specific dns client IP address?


BIND 9 is part of core FreeBSD 7.x. How do I apply BIND 9 security patch under FreeBSD 7.x? Do I need to fetch entire source (buildworld) to patch up BIND 9? How do I patch up recent BIND 9 DNS cache poisoning bug?


Can you tell me the name of free dns server software for my Linux server system?


Q. How do I monitor my BIND dns server traffic om my network under FreeBSD operating systems?


Q. How do I Change the IP Address of a Domain or Host under BIND 8 or 9?

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Q. How do I check my domain zone file for error and validity the same under BIND DNS Server version 9? A. You need to use named- checkzone command as zone file validity checking tool. It is useful for checking zone files before configuring them into a name server. named-checkzone command syntax named-checkzone {zonename} {filename} […]