How do I install wake on lan client under Ubuntu Linux desktop to wakeup Unix or Linux based servers?


How do I enable console redirection under OpenBSD so that I can see my remote server boot information and any diagnostic information that is normally printed to the screen? I’ve already enabled serial ports in my server BIOS and wired them up. How do I configure and access OpenBSD UNIX x86/amd64 server over serial console?

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How do I hotplug a CPU on a running Linux system? I would like to dynamically enable or disable a CPU on a running system?


Q. I’m experiencing decreased network performance due to ARP broadcasts coming from one system. What would cause a lot of ARP broadcasts from one server / computer?


Q. After windows XP installation I lost my Grub boot loader and now when I try to run grub-install command to restore Grub in master boot record. But I am getting an error that read as follows: /dev/sda does not have any corresponding BIOS drive How do I fix this problem? A. grub-install is use […]