boot loader

Can you tell me differences between the following sysvinit /sbin/service command:

service httpd restart

service httpd condrestart

service httpd reload


Q. How do I install and configure iSCSI initiator service under FreeBSD server?


I’m running application called Urchin or Google Analytics under FreeBSD and I’m getting the error – ERROR: (8011-323-1057) Failed to allocate memory. How do I fix this error?


Q. I’m using Debian Linux and CentOS operating system. My question is what do I do if my server refused to boot? How do I troubleshoot the problem? A. Usually most Linux distribution provides rescue mode. It allows to access to disk partition and you are allowed to solve the problem. To use the rescue […]


Q. I’m using OpenBSD as VPS os (guest os) under VMWARE server. However OpenBSD pauses for a few seconds to give me a chance to provide parameters to the kernel at boot> prompt. I’d like to force boot loader to wait for 30 seconds instead of default timeout. How do I setup bootloader timeout? A. […]


Q. How do I uninstall GRUB? I need to uninstall everything before sending this hard disk to someone including GRUB. All I need to keep is windows XP. A. GNU GRUB (“GRUB” for short) is a boot loader package from the GNU Project. GRUB is the reference implementation of the Multiboot Specification, which allows a […]


Q. I forgot my root password, how can I get into my system? A. You can reset forgotten root password under Linux by booting system into single user mode or emergency mode (also known as rescue mode). My boot loader is GRUB (see LILO boot loader below) )Following is the procedure to reset root password […]