dhclient command

I have a Linux DD-WRT router DHCP server running on my network. How can I force my FreeBSD based dhcp client to get a new lease from this Linux based router? What is the command in FreeBSD equivalent to Windows’ “ipconfig /renew” command?


I brought a USB 2.0 wireless adapters based on the Ralink RT2700U, RT2800U and RT3000U chipsets. How do I configure and use it under OpenBSD operating systems?


How can I release an IP in Ubuntu Linux using command line options?

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Ubuntu Linux Renew DHCP

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How do I renew a dhcp assigned IP address under Ubuntu Linux desktop or Laptop systems?

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I’m using Ubuntu Linux. How to force Linux to reacquire a new IP address from the DHCP server? What is the command in Linux equivalent to Windows’ “ipconfig /renew” command?