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Linux MTU Change Size

We've gigabit networks, and large maximum transmission units (MTU) sizes (JumboFrames) can provide better network performance for our HPC environment. How do I change MTU size under Linux?
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Ubuntu Change IP

Q. How do I change IP address under Ubuntu Linux using GUI and command line options?
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Ubuntu Static IP

Q. I've Intel Corporation 80003ES2 LAN Gigabit Ethernet Controller. How do I set static IP address settings for my Ubuntu Linux as follows:

DEVICE name : eth0
Type: static
Router IP:

How do I setup static IP address under Ubuntu?
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Q. How do I set the routing metric on my network device under Fedora / RHEL / Red Hat / CentOS Linux server / workstation operating system?
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Ubuntu Restart Networking Command

How do I restart networking on Ubuntu Linux system from a shell prompt?
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Ubuntu Linux Restart Network Service

I am a new Ubuntu Linux user and using it on my HP Laptop. Now, I need to restart my network service. How do I restart network under Ubuntu Linux? How can I restart networking service on Ubuntu LTS server? How do I successfully restart a network service without rebooting Ubuntu box?
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