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How do I find out if a file is more than one hour old in a UNIX shell and take action on all matching file such as delete or move files.


use vi / vim as IDE (Integrated development environment) a software development system using Ubuntu Linux. How do I auto complete file name under vim / vi text editor while editing text file or java / c / python program? I can auto complete file nameunder bash shell by hitting [TAB] key.


Q. I’ve backup created using rsync command stored at /disk2/home/tom/ directory. Accidentally, I had deleted files from /home/tom directory. I’d like to restore all file names starting with alpha numeric characters from /disk2/home/tom/ to /home/tom. How do I restore selected files in a batch mode?


Q. I’m using BASH shell filename tab completion feature to complete file names and other stuff. However default tab-completion in bash case-sensitive. It cannot show me /tmp/Y* or /tmp/Y* files. How do I force filename tab-completion in bash case insensitive? A. According to bash man page completion-ignore-case set to Off. If set to On, readline […]


Q. Can you specify rules for naming a file name under Linux? A. When you save a data, you nee to select a file name, you need to follow certain rules and regulation regarding the length of the name and the types of characters you include. Rules for naming file names The rules for naming […]


Search For Files In Bash

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How do I search for file in Bash?