ftp server

I need help with a cron job. A automatic ftp backup will pickup sql.tar.gz and upload to remote ftp server under CentOS Linux. How do I automate entire procedure to upload file /tmp/backup/sql.tar.gz?


Q. I’ve CentOS 5.0 server running XEN kernel. VPS Guest is Linux distribution. How do I use tape drive with XEP Guest os? A. You can’t use character devices such as tape drives in Xen guests. This is limitation of Xen. It doesn’t have the ability to export character devices to multiple guests oses. However […]


Q. How do I install Ubuntu ftp service or server? A. Ubuntu Linux comes with various ftp servers to setup FTP service such as: => proftpd – Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon => vsftpd – The Very Secure FTP Daemon => ftpd – FTP server => wu-ftpd – powerful and widely used FTP server => wzdftpd […]