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I want to run a Unix command 100 times using a for loop from 1 to 100. Can you tell me how to take a block of numbers in a loop under KSH or BASH shell?


How do I find Unix version and release number using command line options? What version, release, and maintenance level of Unix is running on my system?

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How can I remove the ^M or ^M (carriage Return / line feed ) from text file using sed under UNIX or Linux operating systems?


Question: I know how to boot into single user mode under Linux and FreeBSD. But, how do I boot into single user mode under HP-UX (HP9000) UNIX operating system?


How do I mount Solaris 10 / OpenSolaris x86 UFS partitions under Linux to access file system?

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Q. Is There a UNIX / Linux unerase or undelete command? How do I undelete files under a UNIX / Linux system?


Shutdown UNIX Command

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How do I shutdown or poweroff a UNIX computer system from a shell prompt?

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