htaccess file

How do I remove www from all my urls so that search engine can only rank urls under Linux Apache web server?


I‘m using a CentOS Linux server with Apache 2 web-server and PHP. I’ve created .htaccess file for URL rewrting and other configuration options. However, my Apache version 2 .htaccess configuration is not working at all. How do I fix this problem?


Q. If there is no index.html or index.php, Apache displays all other files in a Directory. How do I force Apache web server not to display my directory / folder list? A.This controlled by a module called mod_autoindex or mod_dir. You can completely remove (or replace) automatic index generation as per your requirements. The IndexIgnore […]


Q. What’s the best way to redirect to on the url address bar whenever someone omits or skip the www from My site can be reached by two different URLs. For example and How do I do configure Apache web sever vps for this task? A. Apache (web server) 301 […]


How do I display or change a default page other than index.html or index.php under Apache web server?


Q. How do I protecting a directory in Apache on linux? A. There are many ways you can password protect directories under Apache web server. This is important to keep your file privates from both unauthorized users and search engines (when you do not want to get your data indexed). Here you will see the […]