How do I disable SELinux protection for only Apache web server in Linux? I’m using CentOS Linux server.


Q. What’s the best way to redirect to on the url address bar whenever someone omits or skip the www from My site can be reached by two different URLs. For example and How do I do configure Apache web sever vps for this task? A. Apache (web server) 301 […]


I‘ve been trying to migrate my webblogs using Wordpress inbuilt import facility. I’ve exported current blog as a xml file and downloaded to my desktop. Next I navigated to my new blog’s admin area and clicked on Manage > Import. However import failed after importing 50-60% posts only.

I went through Apache and PHP log files and I realized that the script was timed out. How do I fix this problem under Linux / UNIX?


Apache web server allows server access based upon various conditions. For example you just want to restrict access to url (mapped to /var/www/sub/payroll directory) from network (within intranet). Apache provides access control based on client hostname, IP address, or other characteristics of the client request using mod_access module. Open your httpd.conf file: # […]