inode number

How do I find out an inode (index-node) of a file under Unix like operating systems?


Q. I need to find file permission and store the same to a shell variable. How do I find out the file permission without parsing ls -l output? A. Use GNU stat command to display file or file system status. It has option to display output in specific format. Display stat for /etc/passwd file Type […]


I am a new Unix shell user at my university shell server. Accidentally, I had created a file called -foo. Now, how do I remove a file with a name starting with ‘-‘ under UNIX-like or Linux operating system?


Q. How do I display file inode number using command line? A. An inode is a data structure on a Unix / Linux file system. An inode stores basic information about a regular file, directory, or other file system object. You can use following two commands to display an inode: [a] ls command : list […]