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Grep Count Lines If a String / Word Matches

How do I count lines if given word or string matches for each input file under Linux or UNIX operating systems?
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Linux / UNIX Shell: Sort Date

Q. How do I sort date type of data stored in a text file which is in following sample format:

Code Date TIME
HOS05 23/12/2008 10AM
HOS06 15/12/2008 2PM
HOS62 29/12/2008 10AM
HOS64 23/12/2008 2PM
HOS70 26/12/2008 10AM
ZFT01 06/12/2008 10AM
HOS73 11/12/2008 2PM
MHOS051 05/12/2008 10AM
MHOS041 20/12/2008 2PM
MHOS042 27/12/2008 2PM
MHOS053 11/12/2008 10AM
MHOS043 30/12/2008 2PM

How do I sort data date and time wise?
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How do I replace a string with another string in all files? For example, ~/foo directory has 100s of text file and I'd like to find out xyz string and replace with abc. I'd like to use sed or any other tool to replace all occurrence of the word.
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