ip address

How do I find out who owns a Internet domain name and its ip address?

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I’ve root ssh access and need to add / delete a few IP address on fly using the IPtables command via local shell script. How do I add or delete an IP address remotely over the SSH session under CentOS / Redhat / RHEL / Debian / Ubuntu Linux?


I‘m getting lots of spam from few IPs. How do I find the owner of an IP address and report them to concern parties?


Q. I am a brand new user of a Linux iptables and I can’t find how to instruct my iptables to delete or unblock an IP address listed in iptables firewall. I’m using Debian Linux version. Can you help please?


Can one Linux / BSD system respond to multiple IP address on a single Ethernet interface? I need to run multiple web sites and mod_ssl with a single server. How do I configure my box for multiple IP address?

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How do I configuring TCP/IP and the network interface under AIX UNIX operating system?

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Q. How do I find out if I Linux box is under DoS attack or not form a shell prompt?