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How do I install TrueType fonts under Debian GNU/Linux desktop operating systems?


Ubuntu Linux Renew DHCP

by on December 3, 2009 · 1 comment

How do I renew a dhcp assigned IP address under Ubuntu Linux desktop or Laptop systems?

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Q. How do I move my Thunderbird email client settings from Debian Linux desktop to a new Ubuntu Linux laptop? I’ve installed Thunderbird on Ubuntu Linux but not able to find any import or export option. How do I move settings?

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Q. I’m using Redhat enterprise Linux desktop / workstation operating system with HP laptop. Several Linux distributions have a / script to enable to disable Laptop mode but Redhat misses the script. How do I enable or disable laptop mode on fly? A. Modern Linux kernel includes very good support for Laptop mode. It is […]


Q. I have downloaded firefox file from mozilla web site to my Linux desktop system. The name of file is firefox-2.0.tar.gz. How do I install firefox-2.0.tar.gz in Fedora Core Linux? Please provide me step by step instructions for the same. What about my old bookmarks and add-ons. I am going to lose them? A. Update: […]