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I would like to switch to Linux. I want to try free and functional operating system. How do I download Linux ISO images to install on my Desktop / Laptop / Server? Where can I download Linux operating system for my desktop usage?


Q. How do I setup DNS Lookup under any Linux distribution ?

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Q. I’m using Debian Linux and CentOS operating system. My question is what do I do if my server refused to boot? How do I troubleshoot the problem? A. Usually most Linux distribution provides rescue mode. It allows to access to disk partition and you are allowed to solve the problem. To use the rescue […]


How do I find out what kernel version I am currently running under Debian Linux or any other Linux distribution using a shell prompt? How do I find out Unix kernel version?


Q. How do I reset a user’s password under any Linux distribution from command prompt? A. To reset a user’s password, use passwd command. You have to change it to a different password. Login as the root user Open terminal or shell prompt Type the following command: # passwd username For example, reset a tom’s […]


How do I find out what version of Linux distribution I’m using from the shell (bash) prompt?


Q. How do I find out what Linux kernel drivers and loaded by my Linux distribution? How do I list device drivers (modules) loaded in memory? A. Under Linux use the file /proc/modules shows what kernel modules (drivers) are currently loaded. lsmod command You need to use lsmod command to show the status of modules […]