linux kernel version

How do I install Linux kernel version 3.2.xx without compiling the Linux kernel from source code under Debian Linux Squeeze version 6.x running on HP hardware?


How do I see attached scsi devices for my IBM Linux server powered by Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or 6? How do I list all sata hard disk names under Debian or Ubuntu Linux?

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How do I find out my Linux kernel version? How can I find the kernel version at shell prompt on Linux?


What command I need to type to display Linux kernel version and other information such as Linux distribution name? How do I check Linux kernel version number?


Q. How do I upgrade my Linux kernel version under Ubuntu Linux 7.04 / 7.10? A. You can use any one of the following method: (a) Command Line Tools – apt-get (b) GUI tool apt-get command – Upgrade Linux Kernel Open terminal and type the following commands: $ sudo apt-get update Now search kernel version: […]