mkdir command

How do I mount Solaris 10 / OpenSolaris x86 UFS partitions under Linux to access file system?

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How do I replace a string with another string in all files? For example, ~/foo directory has 100s of text file and I’d like to find out xyz string and replace with abc. I’d like to use sed or any other tool to replace all occurrence of the word.


How do I mount and use a USB pen or hard disk under OpenBSD operating systems using ksh/bash/sh shell prompt?


Q. I would like to install latest and greatest Mozilla thunderbird mail client under Linux. How do I download and install the same to read emails? A. Mozilla’s Thunderbird 2 email application is more powerful than ever. Thunderbird 2 features many new enhancements to help you better manage your unruly inbox, and stay informed. Thunderbird […]