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How do I connect to my MySQL database server from an other server (say Apache or Tomcat app server) in same VLAN under CentOS / Fedora / RHEL / Redhat Linux?


I lost mysql admin (root user) password. How do I reset a lost MySQL admin (root) password under UNIX or Linux or BSD operating systems?


Q. We have decided to move to Linux and brought a dedicated Dell server preinstalled with Red Hat Linux for hosting our small business website. Can you tell me what software required to run on a Linux dedicated server for hosting purpose?

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Q. How can I restore a backup of a MySQL database server made with mysqldump program discussed here? A. You can use standard mysql – the MySQL command-line tool to restore a backup of a MySQL database server. Read back dump file You can read the dump file back into the server like this: mysql […]


Q. I’m new to Linux and I’ve dedicated VPS server running Ubuntu Linux. I’m using CMS software and MySQL act as database server. Can you explain how can I backup all mysql server databases to ftp server IP address called A. You can use mysqldump command to backup database. The mysqldump client is a […]


Q. How do I install and run MySQL version 5 database Server under OpenBSD UNIX operating system? A. OpenBSD has pkg_add command. It is used to install packages created with the pkg_create command. Selected packages containing pre-compiled applications from the /usr/ports tree can be found on the OpenBSD FTP site or on the official OpenBSD […]


Q. How do I access my MySQL database server using Perl programming language?