mysqldump command

How do I use mysqldump command with Unix shell pipes?


Recently, we moved all our static assets to a CDN as described here. However, we have over 8000+ old blog posts and we need to point static images url to our CDN account hosted at folder. How do I rename all image urls stored in wordpress posts? How do I offload static images to a CDN urls under Wordpress?


I‘m trying to make backups using the mysqldump command and getting the following error or warning:

mysqldump: Got error: 1044: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ to database ‘information_schema’ when using LOCK TABLES

How do I fix this problem?


Q. How can I restore a backup of a MySQL database server made with mysqldump program discussed here? A. You can use standard mysql – the MySQL command-line tool to restore a backup of a MySQL database server. Read back dump file You can read the dump file back into the server like this: mysql […]


Q. I’m moving my server from local data center to another data center. I’ve new server up and running. My site is dynmic and I’d like to transfer MySQL database from old server to new server. How do I make transfer smooth and successful? A. The best and secure way is to use ssh to […]


Q. I’m new to Linux and I’ve dedicated VPS server running Ubuntu Linux. I’m using CMS software and MySQL act as database server. Can you explain how can I backup all mysql server databases to ftp server IP address called A. You can use mysqldump command to backup database. The mysqldump client is a […]


Q. I made MySQL backup using mysqldump -u user -h localhost -ppassword forumdb | -gzip -9 > forumdb.sql.gz command. How do I restore MySQL database backup using a shell prompt under Linux / UNIX operating system?

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