BIND9 dynamic updates allow remote servers to add, delete, or modify any entries in my zone file. How do I disable dynamic updates under BIND 9 (named) for any zone?

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How do I configure Bind 9 dns server views to allow a single nameserver in my DMZ to make different sets of data available to different sets of clients? For example, I’d like to run recursion, some other data for LAN users (, and for the Internet user I’d like to display limited DNS data without recursion. How do I configure views to partition external (Internet) and internal (LAN) DNS information?


Q. How do I configure BIND9 name serves with TSIG (Transaction SIGnature) mechanism to secure server-to-server communication? How do I use secret key transaction authentication for DNS (bind nameservers)?


Q. How do I stop recursion (recursive query) under BIND 9 DNS server?

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Q. I want to to configure named ( BIND DNS Sever ) to listens only on eth1 interface which has IP address How do I configure my named BIND DNS name server to listen only on certain network interface or IP address?


How do I hide my dns server version number from command such as – “dig -c CH -t txt version.bind” under UNIX / Linux oses?


Q. How do I Change the IP Address of a Domain or Host under BIND 8 or 9?

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