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Many users are using ssh to log into a remote machine and append the indicated identity file to machine’s ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. I recently moved one of my server, and I would like to revoke openssh keys and disable user access under Linux operating systems. How do I revoke OpenSSH keys under Unix or Linux operating systems?


We are using NFS v4 server under RHEL 6.x+. How do I configure CacheFS for NFS under Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS to speed up file access and reduce load on our NFS server?


How do I find out how many nfs clients are connected to NFS server running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux?


We have a few netapp and other Unix server running here. An NFS server is configured on both netapp and Unix. How do I see all exported file systems from netapp and unix server using Linux command line option?

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How do I restart NFS server when network link goes down between two servers or NFS client / server under CentOS 4.x / RHEL / CentOS Linux 5.x?

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What values can be tuned to improve NFS performance? How do I improve my client performance under Linux operating systems?


Q. How do I install and configure NFS 4 Server under Ubuntu Linux ? A. In order to set NFS server you need to install the following packages: => nfs-kernel-server – Linux NFS Server => nfs-common – NFS Common programs => portmap – The RPC portmapper