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How do I read a text file using awk pattern scanning and text processing language under Linux / Unix like operating systems?

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I‘m using scp command to copy files from one server to another server. The problem is that I’m unable to copy all hidden files (such as .bash_history). How do I copy hidden files using the scp command under Unix like operating systems?


I‘m using ps command to read a snapshot of the current processes under Unix / Linux operating systems. However, ps -e or ps aux only displays command / processes names. I need to see complete information about the process including all parameters passed to it. How do I see it under Unix / Linux using ps command?


How do I check if a bash shell variable called $input is defined or not under BSD / Apple OS X / Unix / Linux like operating systems?


How do I install Mozilla Firefox which is a free and open source web browser under OpenBSD operating systems?


ifconfig command does not show IP address on my Linux based laptop computer. How do I fix this problem?


How do I use export command under Linux or Unix like operating systems to set variables?

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