Q. I’m using CentOS Linux. I’m getting an error – Cannot Preserve Ownership, when I try to copy files from Linux ext3 to FAT32 or files moved to an NFS NAS server mount point. How do I fix this error and copy / move files? A. Generally you use command like cp or my to […]


Q. Can you explain me what is device files and how do I access or see device files? Why UNIX / Linux has device files? A. Under Linux and UNIX each and every hardware device treated as a file. A device file allows to accesses hardware devices so that end users do not need to […]


Linux (and almost all other Unixish systems) have three user classes as follows: User (u): The owner of file Group (g): Other user who are in group (to access files) Other (o): Everyone else You can setup following mode on each files. In a Linux and UNIX set of permissions is called as mode: Read […]