Q. How do I find out my IP address assigned to eth0 or ra0 interface using perl? A. If you need to know the IP address of the UNIX / Linux machine you are running on, use the following perl one liner. Perl don’t have any inbuilt facility but combination of ifconfig command ans shell […]


Q. I’m using CentOS on 64 bit Linux. How do I find out rpm package architecture before installation such as i386 or x86_64 bit? A. Almost each rpm package has i386 or x86_64 added to file extension. However some time you may see filename such as file-version.rpm. You can list all installed rpm packages with […]

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How do I remove all spaces from string using shell scripts? I’ve var=”This is a test”, and I’d like to remove all spaces.


How do I use tar command over secure ssh session?