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Question: How do I upgrade my FreeBSD server and ports tree using our proxy server, which requires username and password based authentication?

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I’ve proxy (mod_proxy) enabled for Apache under Debian Linux 4.0 server. I’d like to use this to improve performance, but I don’t want an open proxy that can be used by anyone on the Internet? How do I secure my proxy as limiting access is essential as I’m using a forward proxy?

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Q. How do I install Nginix websever under FreeBSD operating systems?


How do I disable Squid Proxy Serer under CentOS Linux operating system so that I can directly connect to the internet?


Q. How do I block any website accessing the Internet using squid proxy server? A. You can simply use squid ACL to block access to any web site. There are 3 steps: #1. Create a text file with blocked domain name list such as,, and so on #2. Define Acl #3. Restart […]


How do I determine or retrieve visitor’s IP address using PHP server side programming under Unix/Windows operating systems?