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ps command

Linux how long a process has been running?

I‘m a new Linux system user. How do I check how long a process or pid has been running on my Ubuntu Linux server?
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I‘m a new Unix system user. How can I manage process on a FreeBSD operating systems?
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OpenBSD: Reload / Restart / Stop dhcpd Server Command

I manage MS-Windows server and recently started to play with OpenBSD server. How do I reload or restart the dhcpd server on OpenBSD using shell command line option?
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CentOS / RHEL: Check If A Service Is Running Or Not

How do I find out if a service such as MySQL or Apache running on my Centos/RHEL/Fedora Linux server?
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Linux / Unix: pwdx Command Examples

pwdx command

I am new Linux and Unix system administrator. How do I find the current working directory of a process or server on Linux or Unix-like system using shell prompt?
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4 Linux Commands To View Page Faults Statistics

How do I view minor and major page faults statistics for a process under Linux operating systems?
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Unix / Linux: Find Information About The Process Including All Command Line Parameters

I‘m using ps command to read a snapshot of the current processes under Unix / Linux operating systems. However, ps -e or ps aux only displays command / processes names. I need to see complete information about the process including all parameters passed to it. How do I see it under Unix / Linux using ps command?
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Linux: Find All File Descriptors Used By a Process

How can I find all the file descriptors used by a process such as httpd (Apache web server) or mysqld (MySQL Database server)?
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Ubuntu Linux Stop a Process

How do I stop a process under Ubuntu Linux using command line and GUI tools?
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Find out if NFS Service Running On Linux / Unix Server

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