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How do I exclude certain directories while using the find command under UNIX or Linux operating systems?


I would like to move a directory one level up into the root directory. I’ve all html files located in /home/apache2/www/html directory, and I’d like to move /home/apache2/www/html to one level up at /home/apache2/www/. How can I accomplish this over the ssh session?

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Q. Can you explain the term relative pathname under UNIX or Linux oses? A. The relative pathnames are opposite to absolute pathname. A reative pathname does not begin with a slash ( / ). Generally you specifies location relative to your current working directory. This is most useful to short a path name. For example […]


Q. Can you explain the term absolute pathname under UNIX or Linux oses? A. An absolute pathname, is the location of a filesystem object relative to the root directory. All absolute pathnames always begin with a slash (/). With Absolute pathname you have access to complete file system objects such as directories and files. Absolute […]