rpm command

How do I list file stored inside a rpm file?


How do I find out my JDK version under Ubuntu Linux operating systems? How do I find out JDK version under any Linux distribution?

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How do I uninstall or remove Webmin software under Linux / UNIX operating system?

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Cacti is a network graphing tool similar to MRTG. How do I install and configure common options to collect SNMP data and various other data (such as system load, network link status, hard disk space, logged in users etc) into an RRD?


The best protection against vulnerable software is running less software. How do I find out which services are enabled at Boot under CentOS / RHEL / Fedora Linux? How do I disable software which is not needed?


How can I use yum to download source packages instead of manually downloading every single package from RHN / CentOS / RedHat Ftp website?


Q. I know how to update my system using yum command. But how can I find out that patch has been applied to a package? How do I search CVE patch number applied to a package under Red Hat / CentOS / RHEL / Fedora Linux?

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