sort data

Q. How do I sort date type of data stored in a text file which is in following sample format:

Code         Date          TIME
HOS05	23/12/2008	10AM
HOS06	15/12/2008	2PM
HOS62	29/12/2008	10AM
HOS64	23/12/2008	2PM
HOS70	26/12/2008	10AM
ZFT01	06/12/2008	10AM
HOS73	11/12/2008	2PM
MHOS051	05/12/2008	10AM
MHOS041	20/12/2008	2PM
MHOS042	27/12/2008	2PM
MHOS053	11/12/2008	10AM
MHOS043	30/12/2008	2PM

How do I sort data date and time wise?


Q. I’d like to sort a list of IP address stored in a text file. How do I sort by last notation or entire address under Linux or UNIX operating systems?