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I‘d like to send an email with the content of a text file using mail command in Unix / Linux operating system. How do I do it?


How do I find out my UNIX server model? What is my UNIX server model?


I recently noticed that one of my UNIX servers was about 4 hours behind the correct time. I wanted to correct the date and time manually. How do I set date and/or time under UNIX operating systems using command line options?


One of the most common ways for hackers to break into a Solaris system is to exploit buffer overflows. How do I turn on buffer overflow protection under Solaris UNIX operating system just like CentOS/Redhat Linux system?


I‘d like to match all filename like foo.c, FOO.C, fOO.c, Foo.C and so on using find command under UNIX. How do I do a case-insensitive find search under Sun Solaris / OpenSolaris UNIX systems?

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Shutdown UNIX Command

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How do I shutdown or poweroff a UNIX computer system from a shell prompt?

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Q. How do I mount an ISO CD image under Sun Solaris UNIX?