tape backup

Can I use RAID as the only backup solution under Linux? Is RAID is reliable backup solution for server?

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Q. I’ve Debian Linux 4.0 Install on HP Server. This server has SCSI tape device. According to my tape documentation size should be 64k. How can I set the block size for a HP SCSI tape device?


Q. We have central AMANDA backup server configured for tape backup. How do I add new client to AMANDA server? How do I configure CentOS Linux as an AMANDA backup client? A.The Amanda-client package should be installed on any machine that will be backed up by AMANDA (including the server if it also needs to […]


Q. I am using tar command to backup data to tape. How do I verify that tape backup is in a good condition? A. GNU/tar has -w or –verify option. This option attempt to verify the archive after writing it to tape, use command as follows to backup and verify the backup. Verify TAR backup […]