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Can RAID Act As The Reliable BACKUP Solution For Linux / UNIX / Windows Server?

Q. Can I use RAID as the only backup solution under Linux? Is RAID is reliable backup solution for server?
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Linux Set the Block Size for a SCSI Tape Device

Q. I've Debian Linux 4.0 Install on HP Server. This server has SCSI tape device. According to my tape documentation size should be 64k. How can I set the block size for a HP SCSI tape device?
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Linux install and configure an AMANDA backup client

Q. We have central AMANDA backup server configured for tape backup. How do I add new client to AMANDA server? How do I configure CentOS Linux as an AMANDA backup client?

A.The Amanda-client package should be installed on any machine that will be backed up by AMANDA (including the server if it also needs to be backed up). You will also need to install the amanda package on each AMANDA client machine.
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Verify tar command tape backup under Linux or UNIX

Q. I am using tar command to backup data to tape. How do I verify that tape backup is in a good condition?

A. GNU/tar has -w or --verify option. This option attempt to verify the archive after writing it to tape, use command as follows to backup and verify the backup.

Verify TAR backup with -w and --verify options

Type the command as follows to backup /home to /dev/st0 and attempt to verify the archive after writing it /dev/st0.
# tar -cvpWlf /dev/st0 /home

c : create a new archive of /home
v : Verbose output
p : Ignore umask when extracting files i.e. preserve permissions on files
W : attempt to verify the archive after writing it
l : stay in local file system when creating an archive
f : Specify /dev/st0 as tape device (file)
/dev/st0: Tape device name.
/home : Directory to backup

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