telnet server

Q. How do I install and turn on telnet server on Debian Linux VPS Server? A. I don’t recommend using telnet at all on VPS or any other Linux / UNIX server. Telnet transfers all data including passwords in clear text format. It is recommended that you use ssh which is installed by default. Use […]


Q. How do I install and start telnet service / server under Ubuntu Linux? A. Telnet is an insecure service. It is recommended that you use ssh service. However sometime telnet server or service is needed. Here are instructions to enable telnet: Install telnetd server $ sudo apt-get install telnetd Restart inetd service: $ sudo […]


Q. Can you example how can I install telnet service or server under Linux or FreeBSD operating system? A. TELNET (TELetype NETwork) is a network protocol used on the Internet or local area network LAN connections. The telnetd program (telnet server) is a server which supports the DARPA telnet interactive communication protocol. Telnetd is normally […]