temporary file

This happens lot of times. I login as a normal user and start to edit httpd.conf or lighttpd.conf or named.conf in vim / vi text editor. However, I’m not able to save changes due to permission issue (all config files are owned by root). How do I save file without creating a temporary file (/tmp/httpd.conf) and then move the same (mv /tmp/httpd.conf /etc/httpd) as root using vim / vi itself?


Q. I can append text to a file using >> operator but how do I prepend a text to a file? I want the opposit of >> operation?


Q. How do I create a temporary file securely under UNIX Bash shell? A. There are many ways: [a] mktemp command – make temporary unique filename [b] $RANDOM – Use $RANDOM variable mktemp command From the man page: The mktemp utility takes the given filename template and overwrites a portion of it to create a […]